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Fashion Style tips

How to take care of your boots.

As the weather gets moist in the late Autumn, it’s important to take care of your boots, so they will last well many years to come. When choosing the autumn shoes, I always go for leather or suede shoes as those tend to keep my feet warm, moist away, and will last many years. Wash …

Fashion Style tips

How to look chic when it’s cold.

As I live here in the north, I need to look chic when it’s cold, as it is freezing for nearly half of the year. Here are my tips to fight the cold and still look chic and cute despite the cold weather. Layers, layers, layers The coldness starts in October. I start to wear …

Fashion Style tips

3 ways to shop ethically.

I think ethical shopping is important nowadays, as we have this fast fashion culture. It’s important to start choosing the more ethical approach to buying the fashion items of yours. Buying less. I love buying less attitude. I like to use my clothes to the very end, and I usually by my clothes from secondhand …


The minimalist approach to personal finances.

I often get asked about my finances. So I wrote these simple rules I use when dealing with my finances. Buy nothing. I don’t buy many clothes or any other equipment. I don’t subscribe to magazines or go to coffee shops or restaurants. I opt to save all my money for adventures. So I always …


Ethical gift guide: Moomins for the whole family.

I start my first gift guide with the local brand Moomins. I grew up with Moomins and loved them so much. Here is my gift guide for the whole family. I found these from Martinex, and all links are affiliate -links, so I get a tiny commission of every purchase. Also, note the #OURSEA campaign: …

Favourite books

My favorite books of the month.

As I read a lot. It’s been a pleasure to have an app like Storytel. I’ve been using the app from the beginning of 2020 and enjoy it a lot. That’s why I wanted to start a series of book recommendations. Through the app, I’ve been listening to many books because I can listen to …

Fashion Style tips

The color scheme I wear in Autumn.

The Autumn is here and I’m feeling happy. This year I’m having fun with the colors, and here’s what I’m going to wear this fall. October As the night sky gets darker, I often lean towards dark blues and blacks. Something in those colors soothes me and makes me empowered and ready to work harder …


My Favorite Skincare Products for Highly Sensitive Skin.

Hi, Today I wanted to write a post about skincare products for highly sensitive skin as I’ve recently found some good ones. This post contains affiliate links, so if you want to support my work, don’t hesitate to use them. I’ve been testing some of these products from Jolie.fi. And I wanted to make a …