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My Favorite Skincare Products for Highly Sensitive Skin.

Hi, Today I wanted to write a post about skincare products for highly sensitive skin as I’ve recently found some good ones. This post contains affiliate links, so if you want to support my work, don’t hesitate to use them. I’ve been testing some of these products from Jolie.fi. And I wanted to make a …

Health Work

How I Set Up My Quarantine Routine

Hi, It’s been a few weeks since we set to quarantine here in Finland.Here are my tips for setting up a daily schedule for your quarantine days. I have a strict plan as I like to keep my schedule tight, so I don’t get bored or stressed. Schedule: 6.00 My morning starts at 6 am …


Tips for taking care of yourself

I enjoy reading self-love articles. They give me so much happiness and remind to be good to myself. I have a slightly different approach to self-love. Here are my tips for taking care of yourself. 1. Take a look at yourselfI’ve been doing this when I was little kid, staring at myself in the mirror, …

how to pass hard times

How To Pass Hard Times

There are many hard times in life we have to go through. Here are my tips on how to pass the hard times. 1. Acceptance Accept that there are no explanations. You can’t fix what’s done or can’t get back at what you have lost. Cry and grieve. 2. Basic needsWhen you feel sad and …


Stretching for recovery or just for lazy Sunday.

I had back injury last month and I’m trying to heal. Here are my tips for stretches for recovery. Notify that I’m not the health expert or qualified instructor, do on your own risk. These are the stretches that I’m doing right now. Start by rolling out your mat. Make sure your surroundings are calm …