It’s been a few weeks since we set to quarantine here in Finland.
Here are my tips for setting up a daily schedule for your quarantine days.

I have a strict plan as I like to keep my schedule tight, so I don’t get bored or stressed.



My morning starts at 6 am with a discussion with my husband. We talk about daily tasks, kids’ tasks, and how we manage them. It is nothing serious, and if one of us is sleepy, we let the other one sleep. In the morning, I always drink three glasses of water to stay hydrated.

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At 6.30, I go to a short run in the neighborhood, and it usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the route I take. It gives the fresh start for the day, warms the muscles, and my body gets lots of oxygen.

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I either read the news or meditate.

I prepare my morning smoothie and bread and enjoy them with my daily dose of We heart it.

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Start working on personal projects, such as this blog. I’m inspired to work for myself at the very first thing in the morning. It helps me to keep myself motivated and jump out of bed in the morning.

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I don’t take a break at this time since I might work my things a bit later. But usually, at this time, I start to focus on my education. I study for 45 minutes.

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15 min break.

At 9 am, I start working and focus on the tasks that I have at the time.

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Cleaning my surroundings a bit, stretch my feet, and get back to work after 15 min break.

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I have a basket full of unfinished work, I grab one and try to get it further for 15 minutes, It gives my brain a pause from work-related tasks, and I get to do something with my hands.

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11. It’s time to make some food and eat it.

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Get back to work. I fork for 45 minutes again.

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I go outside to the garden. I have a tiny yard where I have a bed for herbs, and I go to check that and make some improvements. If you don’t have a garden, just jo outside or open the window to get some air. Plant a flower and take care of it.

Inspiroiva kuva We Heart It-palvelussa

Time to work!

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I prepare a snack and make a picnic in the forest. We usually go to the woods in the afternoon.

Working again.

Time to take a break and watch one fitness video from YouTube. I take one 15 minute video and get my heart pumping.

Kuva käyttäjältä Patricia

Work or math lesson. I teach math for kids, and at the same time, keep myself well educated. It’s fun.

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Preparing the trip to the forest or doing some other activity.

Time to go outside! It’s my favorite part of the day. As we live out of the city, it’s possible to outside, and we make sure we don’t see other people. We go biking, walking in the forest, playing some sports or just in the garden to do some yard work. We eat a little picnic too.

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We make some dinner. And eat it. At this time, the other one of us is usually cleaning and vacuuming, to keep our home clean and tidy during this uncertain time.

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After eating, we do the dishes.

Time for electronics. I do one 15 min yoga from YouTube or stretch my legs and listen to the ebook and scroll through my social media accounts.

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Plan a bit for tomorrow.

Preparing the clothes for tomorrow, eating supper, shower, and relax.

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To bed

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How I Set Up My Quarantine Routine

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