I enjoy reading self-love articles. They give me so much happiness and remind to be good to myself. I have a slightly different approach to self-love. Here are my tips for taking care of yourself.

1. Take a look at yourself
I’ve been doing this when I was little kid, staring at myself in the mirror, playing with my reflection and dancing in front of it. I came to the conclusion that I’m quite pretty, and my body is nice. As I was doing this since a young age, I found out later that all those bully comments that I got about my body weren’t hurting so much, because I knew that my body looks nice. Be friends with yourself.

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2. Stop and think
Often we are so busy in our lives that we forgot ourselves. So try to stop few times during the day and ask yourself, what do I want to do? Slowly you start to find out the things you want to do. Write things down. When you have figured out what you want to be or do, schedule the time on your calendar. If you want to be an engineer, ballerina, or writer, you have to work hard and study. Otherwise, you’ll regret that you didn’t. Think about your life.

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3. Take action
The things you want to do are the things that fulfill you. Count to 5 and start doing. The action takes your anxiety away, and you feel lot better after completing the task you want or have to do.

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4. Focus on your wellbeing
Remember to eat and drink healthily and often. It gives you the energy to do the things you love. Find the sport that you like, move your body. Daily activity soothes your hormones, and your skin starts to look better. Avoid makeup.

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5. Find friends
Life gets a lot easier with friends. Have the courage to approach new people. They might not be immediately your best friends, but you can enjoy their company even if it’s only a short time. Make memories and have fun.

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I hope this was helpful 🙂 All photos from We Heart It.

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