Many of us want to have an expensive look with a small amount of money. Personally, I buy my clothes from many different places, so price range variates a lot. I might buy a dress from the flea market and match it with the good quality bag, that I’ve used a long time. I try to keep my wardrobe as ethical and good looking as possible. Here are my tips on how to elevate your look.

1. Steam / Iron
Make sure your clothes are looking nice and clean before you head out the door. Invest in good steamer/iron and use it regularly.

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2. Style
Some clothes look more costly than others. Choose classic pieces, blouses, tailored trousers, well-cut dresses, and skirts. You can also try ”power suits”, a matching set from head to toe.

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3. Colors
Think about the colors that are on trend year after year. Go for pearl tones, like dark blues, greens, and violets, black, white and beige are always stylish.

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4. Material
Pay close attention to materials. Choose natural materials like cashmere, silk, leather, and cotton.

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5. Accessorize
Invest in few quality pieces like diamond earrings, good quality shoes or nice bracelet. Wear the pieces that you love, and take care of them. Let that one piece elevate your look!

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6. Personalize
If you find a well-fitting garment, don’t be afraid to change the details. It’s easy to change buttons and belts. You can also sew some luxurious details to your new investment.

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