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Fashion Style tips

How to take care of your boots.

As the weather gets moist in the late Autumn, it’s important to take care of your boots, so they will last well many years to come. When choosing the autumn shoes, I always go for leather or suede shoes as those tend to keep my feet warm, moist away, and will last many years. Wash …

Style tips

6 Tips on How to make your outfit look expensive.

Many of us want to have an expensive look with a small amount of money. Personally, I buy my clothes from many different places, so price range variates a lot. I might buy a dress from the flea market and match it with the good quality bag, that I’ve used a long time. I try …

how to pass hard times

How To Pass Hard Times

There are many hard times in life we have to go through. Here are my tips on how to pass the hard times. 1. Acceptance Accept that there are no explanations. You can’t fix what’s done or can’t get back at what you have lost. Cry and grieve. 2. Basic needsWhen you feel sad and …