As I live here in the north, I need to look chic when it’s cold, as it is freezing for nearly half of the year. Here are my tips to fight the cold and still look chic and cute despite the cold weather.

Layers, layers, layers

The coldness starts in October. I start to wear thermals under my trousers or double layer of thick stockings. Always invest in thin layers and use them more and more as the weather gets colder.

Good quality items

It’s important to invest in good quality materials that will surely keep you warm. Meaning a thick and chic jacket, warm and well-fitting clothing, and good warm shoes.

Chic accessories

To make the final look chic, you need to invest in pretty but warm accessories. Cute hats and beanies, warm and beautiful gloves, and bags that keep the extra layers you keep with you in order.

Hope you find this helpful! Let me know your tips to look chic in the comments ♡

Best, Outi

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