The Autumn is here and I’m feeling happy.

This year I’m having fun with the colors, and here’s what I’m going to wear this fall.


As the night sky gets darker, I often lean towards dark blues and blacks. Something in those colors soothes me and makes me empowered and ready to work harder on my goals. Black gives a structured look, and deep blue highlights my blue eyes and makes them look more intense.


This is the season for browns. As nature shines in all autumn colors, I usually go for browns and yellows too. It’s nice to wear some cozy and warm sweaters and knits of color.


When we head towards Christmas time and holidays, I opt for reds and dark purples. It’s the season when you are in the mood for dark reds and wine colors. Also, the pop of white will do.

What are your colors of the autumn season? Tell me in the comments!

Best, Outi

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