I think ethical shopping is important nowadays, as we have this fast fashion culture. It’s important to start choosing the more ethical approach to buying the fashion items of yours.

Buying less.

I love buying less attitude. I like to use my clothes to the very end, and I usually by my clothes from secondhand stores as much as I can because even though I love fashion, I don’t want to burden the environment with my fast fashion buys. Buying fewer means, I can opt for quality and use my purchases well.

Supporting small businesses

I find that almost all small businesses are making their produce ethically as they are almost always made in hand by the store owner or nearby. That’s why it is super important to support small and local businesses. That way, work and salary to those local small businesses. And don’t forget your friends, if they have a small business, support as much as you can, even if it’s only by liking or sharing their posts on social media.

Choosing ethical materals.

Ethical materials are also important. In my opinion, it is best to choose compostable materials, so after the garment is done a purpose, you can compost it.

What are the ways you shop ethically? Let me know!

Best, Outi

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