As I read a lot. It’s been a pleasure to have an app like Storytel. I’ve been using the app from the beginning of 2020 and enjoy it a lot. That’s why I wanted to start a series of book recommendations. Through the app, I’ve been listening to many books because I can listen to them when I’m walking the dog, as I’m driving, and as I’m doing the shopping. I love the fact that I have so much to choose from, and it cost just as much as one book would, and I don’t have to wait, as I do in the library’s waiting lists. Of course, there are still books and many books you can’t find from the Storytel, but those I’m happy to wait from the library. I rarely buy new books, because it is a single-use and not good for the environment.

I read about 10 books In September. Here are my favourite ones:

The best book of the month was Haemin Sunim’s The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down it is unfortunately only in Finnish, Swedish, and the Russian language on Storytel, but hopefully, you can find one in English too. During the listening, I was in awe of how important and simple things he wrote. This book is about living and relationships. Here is the affiliate link for you:

The next book was Walter Isaacson’s, Steve Jobs. This book is throughout the biography of Steve Jobs. It is truly well written, and I was interested in the story, as I didn’t know it well. I gave it four stars as it was mainly about Apple. I would have liked to have a bit more insights into Steve’s own opinions and pieces of advice. Here is the affiliate link for you:

The third book that I recommend is Ichigo Ichie by Héctor García (Kirai), Francesc Miralles, is also a book about simple life. In August, I read their book Ikigai -the Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life and wanted to continue reading their books. And it also related to Steve Jobs, and this was the book why I wanted to read Steve Job’s biography. I gave this book five stars, and I think this is a good read for everybody. Here is the affiliate link for you:

And last but not least, I recommend a funny book about self-care. It is the Constance Stellas, The Little Book of Self-Care for Cancer: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore- According to the Stars. I chose this just for fun for relaxed Sunday listening. And it was so good that I found myself taking notes on how I should take care of myself as cancer. There are also books for other Zodiac signs, so just for fun, check out yours!

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* Through these affiliate -links, you get the access to try Storytel for 14 days free of charge if you haven’t tried Storytel before. You can listen and read as much as you like during your trial. This offer is only for new customers. After trial, the cost is 16,99€/ month and continues automatically.

I hope you enjoyed this Book -related article. Let me know if you want to read more book recommendations from me.

Best, Outi

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