I start my first gift guide with the local brand Moomins. I grew up with Moomins and loved them so much. Here is my gift guide for the whole family. I found these from Martinex, and all links are affiliate -links, so I get a tiny commission of every purchase. Also, note the #OURSEA campaign: through the campaign, Martinex donate 1 € for each item sold to the work done by the John Nurminen Foundation to save the Baltic Sea.

Let’s start with the tiniest girls. Here are the cute and practical wear for the little girls. Moomin Berry pajamas are the comfortable pajamas for the cold season. Moomin Comet nightgown comes in pink and is the cutest I’ve ever seen. A little bit warmer gift is the Our Sea sweatshirt in Rose color. The dreamy print is adorable. And as I want to keep the presents practical, the Magic Forest briefs set are always practical gifts. The sizes are from 92 cm to 128 cm and all are organic cotton.

Next, I’d like to introduce my picks for 10+ girls. The First Moomin storm bottle in pink is cute and made from glass with silicone topping. It can store cool and warm drinks. Moomin Muhveli pencil case in black stores all your pens. Moomin Viuhti Backpack in Magic Forest print is cute for school. I also wanted to add these adorable Bandit the pony tableware, Bandit’s Christmas Mug and Bandit, and the owl plate.

For the little boys, I also picked some clothing, as those are always needed. This cute Stinky Sweatshirt in black is cool for the boys who like black. Matched with the Moomin Wild pants, you get the cool look. For the more traditional Moomin print you’ll get from the Our Sea t-shirt, it comes in grey. And lastly These Moomin Yikes -boxers are always good options.

And for the teen boys, I picked some cool Moomin stuff as well. But there wasn’t much clothing for the boys either, so I picked the Mickey Mouse Jolly Sweatshirt in grey. The colorful Moomin Knitted Beanie is merino wool and definitely a warm choice for the winter. Nipsu Camping Trip Backpack has definitely enough room for the school gear. And who doesn’t need socks, as they are in great use when you are a teenager. These Stinky socks are perfect for this outfit. And at last, I found this Our Sea stainless steel bottle in black.

For females, I picked this pretty white Our Sea sweatshirt with a lovely fit, featuring a front Moomintroll and the sea print. Moomin75 spatula features an atmospheric illustration with the Moomin dancing in verdant surroundings. And with this cute Climbing tree bottle, it’s easier to remember to take the water with you. Last, this Moomin luggage set, including one small and one medium-sized suitcase to pack your precious items for the trips nearby.

I found this Our Sea grey sweatshirt and an Our Sea black t-shirt from the campaign for males. The Too-Ticky’s Christmas Vacuum flask keeps the drinks warm in the wintertime as well, as the Winter Follies socks keep the toes warm. Bright colored Moomin Sketch Snufkin Sweatshirt gives a pop of color to the wardrobe. Last, this Moomin Brave BBQ Glove protects your hand from burns and splashes. The silicone surface provides a good grip on the tools and plates.

I hope you liked this ethical Gift Guide! I’ll be doing these for the whole of November, so stay tuned.

Best, Outi

Here are all the affiliate links for you:

Little girls: Moomin Berry Pajamas: https://adtr.co/JT8DVE, Moomin Comet Nightgown: https://adtr.co/kbejWv, Moomin Our Sea sweater: https://adtr.co/SBwtjt, Moomin Magic Forest briefs: https://adtr.co/Sa678u.

Teenager Girls: Moomin Storm Bottle: adtr.co/rbU7ij, Moomin Muhveli Pencil Case: https://adtr.co/rZ4NFf, Moomin Viuhti Backpack: https://adtr.co/NIsdE6, Bandit’s Christmas Mug: https://adtr.co/Dfhd2J, Bandit, and the Owl plate: https://adtr.co/Jn5M2r

Little Boys: Stinky Sweatshirt: https://adtr.co/cugPO2, Moomin Wild pants: https://adtr.co/kiwtvw, Our Sea t-shirt: https://adtr.co/l6QpNx, Moomin Yikes -boxer: https://adtr.co/oroMlO

Teenage boys: Mickey Mouse Jolly Sweatshirt in grey:https://adtr.co/sdIgiT, Moomin Knitted Beanie: https://adtr.co/4gNrA0, Moomin Nipsu Camping Trip Backpack: https://adtr.co/n212tY, Moomin Stinky socks: https://adtr.co/GGxOG7, Moomin Our Sea bottle: https://adtr.co/qwkjyY

Females: Moomin white Our Sea -sweatshirt: https://adtr.co/FDmFS6, Moomin75 spatula: https://adtr.co/BZfv9N, Climbing tree bottle: https://adtr.co/ZxReOl, Moomin luggage set: https://adtr.co/MEtw6R

Males: Moomin Our Sea grey sweatshirt: https://adtr.co/ue9uG3, Our Sea black t-shirt: https://adtr.co/CXgerU, Too-Ticky’s Christmas Vacuum flask: https://adtr.co/HXOp5a, Moomin Sketch Snufkin Sweatshirt: https://adtr.co/vVhnLV, Moomin Winter Follies socks: https://adtr.co/Oj0naJ, Moomin Brave BBQ Glove: https://adtr.co/SRWmTf.

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