When buying clothes or almost any piece of item, choosing quality over quantity is the key to a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are a few reasons you should consider buying less, but better pieces, instead of going to cheaper options.

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  1. Finding your style

It can take years to find your personal style.
Experiment with different types of clothes, fabrics, and shapes. You will find that some pieces and colors look great on you and you should stick to them. These items will be the base for your personal style.
As you have found your personal style, it will be easier to choose quality items that will last you longer and look amazing on you.
Let go of the pressure to always have something new. Choose the things you love and are real ”you”.

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2. Environmental Impact

Quality over quantity also means sustainable practices.
Reduce your purchases, and cut down the number of clothes you are buying. If you are buying, choose carefully and think about how much you are actually going to use that item. Sometimes saving money for the things you truly love, has a part of the environmental impact.

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3. Cost per wear

Buying a few quality pieces will help you reduce the amount of money you spent on clothes in the long term. The more you buy, the less you wear your clothes. If you buy quality pieces, you usually wear your clothes to their full potential, they last longer and you spend your money wisely.

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Remember, an investment piece could be anything from your favorite hoodie to a designer bag as long as it’s made of quality materials and will last longer. Don’t buy an investment piece before you are ready to take care of it. The key to investing in quality things is to expect them to last a long time.

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