As the weather gets moist in the late Autumn, it’s important to take care of your boots, so they will last well many years to come.

When choosing the autumn shoes, I always go for leather or suede shoes as those tend to keep my feet warm, moist away, and will last many years.


I always wash my boots first with the leather soap that I buy from the equestrian stores. Ensure you’re not using too much water, and just a small amount of soap will do wonders.


Protect your shoes from mud and moisture with the right cover. I use leather cream for my leather goods and protecting spray for my suede goods. Choose the right one for yours.


Store your items properly. When the season is over, take care of your shoes and clean them. Put some newspaper inside the shoe to keep the shape and place them in the dry place to wait the next time you’ll use them.

Hope these tips were helpful to you ♡

Best, Outi

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