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How to prepare your wardrobe for autumn.

As the days get shorter, I want to start a new season in my wardrobe, to feel the fresh autumn vibes and the coziness of the clothes that I’m wearing. I want to feel warm and happy all autumn long. At first, I’m pulling everything out from my closet, take good care of them, and …

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8 Things You Need In Your Closet Before Autumn

Autumn is here! I created a list of 8 things that you absolutely need in your closet this autumn. Get your closet ready by finding your Jackets, cool Accessories and a great pair of shoes. Here you go! 1. Warm dressGo for thicker materials, long sleeves, and hems. Don’t forget to put on your stockings …

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Benefits of a Simpler Wardrobe

When it comes to talking about one’s wardrobe, we usually find ourselves complaining about having too many clothes. We enjoy buying clothes, but still, we wish to have a simpler wardrobe.  I find that having a simple wardrobe can have many benefits. Here are my thoughts on that.  Having enough Having a simple wardrobe lets …

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Cozy style at the summer house

Hi We decided to take a week off and head to the summer house to relax for a few days. The weather was excellent, and we had a beautiful day at the summer house—just a quick dip to the Lake Saimaa and back to the sauna. I love this view. In the evenings we just …

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How I Set Up My Quarantine Routine

Hi, It’s been a few weeks since we set to quarantine here in Finland.Here are my tips for setting up a daily schedule for your quarantine days. I have a strict plan as I like to keep my schedule tight, so I don’t get bored or stressed. Schedule: 6.00 My morning starts at 6 am …


Tips for taking care of yourself

I enjoy reading self-love articles. They give me so much happiness and remind to be good to myself. I have a slightly different approach to self-love. Here are my tips for taking care of yourself. 1. Take a look at yourselfI’ve been doing this when I was little kid, staring at myself in the mirror, …

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6 Tips on How to make your outfit look expensive.

Many of us want to have an expensive look with a small amount of money. Personally, I buy my clothes from many different places, so price range variates a lot. I might buy a dress from the flea market and match it with the good quality bag, that I’ve used a long time. I try …