When it comes to talking about one’s wardrobe, we usually find ourselves complaining about having too many clothes. We enjoy buying clothes, but still, we wish to have a simpler wardrobe. 

I find that having a simple wardrobe can have many benefits. Here are my thoughts on that. 

Benefits of a simple wardrobe

Having enough

Having a simple wardrobe lets you focus on your favorite clothes and use the clothes you have much more effectively. You know what you have, and you are wearing the ones you have much more often and get the wear out of them.

Fewer needs

When you have a simple wardrobe, you know your needs. You can buy only the things that are missing from your wardrobe. That way, the purchases are loved and appreciated in your closet and replaced only when necessary.


With simple wardrobe dressing up is easy. You know what you have and where it sits. All your favorite pieces are in their designated places, and it’s easy to dress up in the mornings. 

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You can incorporate the latest trend by buying just one item, or invest in the timeless quality pieces if you choose to. When you have a simpler wardrobe, you need less and can use the item you add to your collection more frequently, it gets more wear and won’t waste.

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