Sometimes we get frustrated whit our style and want to make changes. We don’t always have to spend money to get a new look. Here are a few simple steps for updating your wardrobe without spending any money.

  • 1. Clean your wardrobe

An easy and fast way to check on what you do already have and what you don’t wear at the moment. Storage the clothes you don’t wear currently.

  • 2. Play ”dress up” game

Dressing up is fun. It lifts your mood, and you might end up having a couple of new looks to wear.

  • 3. Accessorise your outfit

Start using your accessories more often. It makes your outfit look more interesting.

  • 4. Try on a new hairstyle

New hairstyle brings freshness to your style. Try something new.

Get inspired and find your personal style without spending money.

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Best, Outi

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